Cabrillo National Monument“This may be the most beautiful day of the year,” I told my son Jordan at the Cabrillo National Monument, as we gazed over all of downtown San Diego, sailboats set in the foreground.  It had rained the night before and there was snow on Mount Palomar and the Laguna Mountains.  Earlier in the week we had been to Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, a strange place to watch the sun go down.  Yet, it’s one of the best places in San Diego to watch a sunset.  It’s eerie staring at all those identical white marble tombstones that look like mini Stonehenges.  On this February afternoon it was so cold that I stayed in the car, facing due west as I waited for the sun to set.  I looked out over the horizon and saw a distant ship sailing into the mist, and I imagined that it was explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, the first white man to set foot in California in 1542, aboard his vessel the San SalvadorFort Rosecrans National Cemetery