California’s Geological Diversity

The Alabama Hills near Lone Pine is where hundreds of westerns were filmed from the 1920s to the 60s.   The smooth contours of the golden brown rocks provide a stunning, other-worldly contrast to the massive wall of the Eastern Sierra Nevada. Check out Mt. Whitney through the portal.   


Come Fly With Me

Come Fly With Me v2

“Want to fly with me?” Whaka asked.  “Okay,” I said.  He laid on the ground, arms and legs high in the air, and placed his bare feet below my hip bones, his hands clasping mine.  Slowly he lifted me up into the air. We were at the Palace of Fine Arts lobby waiting for a Marc Cohn concert, and a crowd gathered to watch, as if we were Cirque de Soleil performers.  I began to panic.  Whaka looked straight into my eyes. “Trust,” he said, bringing me into the moment. I released his hands and began to fly.


The Ohlone Way

The Ohlone Way ~ Mak-roote24

If I could go back in time, I would return to the East Bay of San Francisco before the Spanish arrived, near present-day Berkeley and Oakland. I’d live among my favorite California tribe, the Ohlone Indians.  Their food was abundant.  They ate acorn, shellfish, salmon and deer.  The Ohlones married, raised children, buried their dead and prayed to their gods—in short not so different from you and me.  Artist John Wehrle painted this mural at the West Berkeley Rail Stop near the Amtrak station.

Ojai Institution: Boccali’s Restaurant

Boccali’s Restaurant Strawberry Shortcakeis an Ojai institution, around since 1986.  Their dreamy location near the upper Ojai Valley is the perfect place to dine outside on a warm day under the shade of an umbrella.  I brought along my friend Mary McGrath and her partner Erica, to enjoy a leisurely lunch of pizza and pasta. We drank a bottle of Topa Topa Syrah from the Boccali Vineyard.  Mary, pictured here, is about to eat Bocacali’s famous strawberry shortcake—the best in town.   

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