Author’s journey of travel and liberation

Newspapaper 2 001The San Jose Mercury News ran a story about “My Year In California.”   Thanks Jean Bartlett for a fine journalist effort on my behalf.  I’m grateful.

Standup and Paddle!

Main Photo ~ Lake TahoeStandup and PaddlePhil Segal, the owner of Tahoe Paddle and Oar at King’s Beach, took me paddle boarding on the lake.  “Use your shoulders more, your core muscles, and then snap the paddle at the end,” said Phil.  “Here, try it with my paddle.” He handed me his carbon fiber scooper and I followed his instructions.  My paddling improved under his direction.  Finally, we were paddling at the same speed, in rhythm, and making a connection.  At that moment I woke up and fully appreciated standup paddle boarding as the next best thing to walking on water.

New Way To Issue A Press Release

PR Web Screen Shot jpgWhen I first thought about issuing a press release for “My Year In California,” I searched the Internet for a service to support my effort.  After careful planning, I went with PRWeb.  The reason?  A recommendation from Deltina Hay, author, publisher, developer, blogger, and professor.  I’ve taken Deltina’s excellent online course on app marketing.  I selected PRWeb’s robust premium package at $369 because of its interactive, web-optimized ability.  It’s like having my own website hosted on the PRWeb server.  As a social media strategist for a travel app that will soon be released, I may use PRWeb to promote our launch.  I’m using the book’s promotion as the proverbial canary in the coal mine.  Keep your fingers crossed for me and my partner PRWeb that the media will pick up the release and write a story on my book.   Thanks a bunch!

Do You Believe In Magic?

Mt. ShastaThe first time I saw Mt. Shasta, which rises above the valley floor to 14,162 feet, it was at Cedar Pass, east of Alturas in Modoc County, one-hundred miles away. I gasped when I saw this iconic mountain. It was that magical. Mt. Shasta is a mecca for “new age” seekers, and for good reason.  They say there’s a vortex here, a place in nature where everything is exceptionally alive and healthy—a power center on Earth.  I stayed for three days at Stewart Mineral Springs, a rustic retreat with healing mineral baths at the base of the mountain.

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