Tahoe City Renaissance Man

Tahoe Renaissance Man

“Come for winter and stay for summer,” is a popular slogan around the lake.  To live here year-round requires tenacity and multiple streams of income.  In winter, Kevin Klein manages a ski school; in the shoulder season, he works for a kayaking business; and in between, he is a professional photographer.  I met Kevin at the farmers’ market in Tahoe City, where in summer he sells fresh produce. He pointed to a red kayak on the shore of Lake Tahoe. “This is how I commute to work,” he said.

Winner: Travel Writing Award ~ 2014 Eureka!

visit california“My Year In California” won the 2014 Eureka! Travel Writing Award.  No. Not the grand prize, a weekend at the swanky Cavallo Point Resort near San Francisco, which would have been sa-weet, but rather, the “Thematic/Lifestyle” category.   Truth be told, I’m happy to receive anything, especially a certificate.  Thank you Visit California for this awesome validation.  Remember, nothin’s finer than a 49er — our Golden State. 

The California Dream

california gold rushOne of my dear friends collects books on the California Gold Rush.  In his library I found “California Gold Mines” by Friedrich Gerstacker, a German who wrote about his Golden State experience in 1849.  Here’s my favorite quote: “And California? I really do not know where to begin.  It seemed as if the old tales of the Thousand and One Nights had become true, and an indefinite number of genii with their golden bowls full of diamonds and other valuables, must spring out directly from the clayey bottom, and off their treasures to us.” 

Thanks Midwest Book Review

booksThere’s a certain irony when a book reviewer who lives in the city of Oregon, in the state of Wisconsin reviews a book on California.  Geez.   Still, Editor-in-Chief James Cox from the  Midwest Book Review really captured the essence of midlife renewal in his review.  Thanks James, for distilling the essence of my book into one paragraph.  I’m grateful.  

Half text memoir, half devoted to vivid, full-color photography, My Year in California: A Journey Toward Midlife Renewal is the personal story of a middle-aged mother who traveled California for a year after both her children left for college. She explored the state’s history, stunning sights, and spiritual legacy, in a quest for midlife renewal. “At midlife, we are called to examine our lives in a new way… As we grow older and enter the second half of life, we set ourselves apart from who we once used to be and consider who we will become. In this new phase of life, we offer more of our experience to others and understand that our time on this Earth is finite – that there is an end point. How will we spend the precious time we have left? It was my goal to answer that question.” An insightful and enlightening browse, recommended for anyone considering their own voyage of self-discovery, especially in the Golden State.

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