Meet Dat-so-la-lee

Datsolalee ~ for SaraLake Tahoe, CA — Washoe Tribe weaver “Dat So La Lee,” also known as Louisa Keyser, was one of the most famous California Indian basket makers.  She claimed that the spirits worked through her as she wove legends of the Washoe people into mathematically intricate creations. About one-hundred-and-twenty baskets are documented as having been made by her, many of which are in museums all over the country including Tahoe City’s own Gatekeeper’s Museum.  These baskets are highly prized as collector’s items.  

32 Reasons To Love California

Main Photo ~ BishopOkay…I just can’t resist promoting this website.  The images of the Golden State are exquisite.  Vist: 32 Reasons California Is The Most Beautiful State In The Country 

Radio Story

KJag radioEight minutes into my first-ever radio interview for my book, I began to hear a beeping sound on the telephone I was talking into.  Gulp.  I immediately recognized the sound of the telephone’s battery slowly dying.  What could I do, but continue talking to James Lowe of  KJAG Radio, knowing that any minute I would be disconnected from his listeners across the country.  Sure enough, just when he asked me a great question of which I had a solid answer, I was cut off, mid-sentence.  If you want a good chuckle, listen to: ”My Life In CA Author.”   


The Journey of A Thousand Miles

Ingrid -- Small Books in Venice 10-20-13

Small Books in Venice has a good selection of fiction, nonfiction, travel books, cultural studies, mysteries, science fiction, young adult and art books.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” –Lao Tzu

Sassy, the fairy godmother of Venice, invited me to “release attachment to outcome.” This advice was in response to my paralyzing fear of asking a local Venice bookstore if they wanted to sell my new book. We rode our bikes down to the Venice Boardwalk, and entered through the wormhole to Small World Books. Behind the counter was Janice Mall. I took a big gulp and launched my pitch to her which ended with something like: “A journey is both inward and outward, that’s what this story is about.” She looked at the book and said, “Hmmm…$19.95 is kind of a lot for a paperback.” I waited. “Okay, I’ll try one book. If it doesn’t sell in one month, you can come and pick it up.” I giggled to myself. One book? Still, it was a yes. It didn’t matter the size of the yes. My book is now at a bookstore. I invite you to release attachment to outcome and take that leap of faith. 

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